TBB provides specialized training to ensure professional contact with the media for management staff, as well as persons/entities interested in these issues.

We have enormous experience. The trainers we work with are the best Polish specialists.  They know the ins and outs of communicating with various types of media and the principles of effective social impact.

Training specifics:

• press law
• making statements and more extensive commentary, giving radio and TV interviews – theory and exercises
• outward appearance as non-verbal social communicator
• psychology of contacts with people – body language, public appearances, stress management
• principles of proper diction
• forms, methodology and principles of constructing responses
• team building within a firm

Training time: minimum two days (about 6-7 hours per day).

Effectiveness dependent on full separation of persons undergoing training from job related matters. Training can be conducted on weekends.  Best training results are achieved in groups up to 10 persons maximum.