TBB was founded by Tomasz Białoszewski in 1995 as a supplement to years of work in journalism and as a publicist, which he continues to-date.

For several decades T. Bialoszewski has appeared regularly on various Polish Television networks, as a guest on Polish radio and is frequently an author in the print media.

The author of numerous publicist programs and films, he has also hosted numerous news programs (from 1990-1993 he hosted the evening news on state television TVP).

The owner and staff of coworkers have enormous experience in analyzing media situations, including crisis management, promotion of persons and entities subject to media presence, as well as training activity and advice. The TBB staff can produce any (including television) news material applying the latest technology, as well as place it in TV, radio and press media.

TBB has provided services – mainly in the scope of image creation, PR management and information policy – for many Polish and foreign subjects, in the public and private realm.