OUR Air Force One

Image creation in the media and society 

Since its inception, TBB has dealt primarily with creating and maintaining positive images in the media and specific communities/industries.

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Basic guide on how to handle journalists and deal with public opinion

TBB conducts specialized training in the scope of professional contacts with the media for management staff

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Media kit for every firm and organization 

The basics of creating and maintaining a good business image and necessary information activity to maintain or achieve desired goals.

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Information, promotion and advertising for demanding customers 

We offer complex preparation of information-advertising campaigns – from working out the basic premises to execution and post-implementation reviews.

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TBB was founded by Tomasz Białoszewski in 1995 as a supplement to his long-term journalist and publicist work, which he continues to perform.

Over the last two decades Tomasz Białoszewski has regularly appeared on various Polish Television networks, as a guest on Polish Radio and in the print media.

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Mission statement.

In everything we do, we aim to create and support relationships based on trust that help protect the customer’s reputation and long-term commercial interests.